Training aids help in many ways, and I am always searching for those that will help improve my game as a mid-handicapper. From proper wrist hinge to take back, top follow through to you name it, I’ve been trying them all for over 20+ years. I have finally found a training aid that works and works well with creating crisp contact.

The product is the Precision Impact by Pure Swing Products. The golf training aid is a unique looking product, however it forces you to get your golf club in the ideal position at impact. It does this using audible feedback, correct backswing rotation, club head lag, and aggressive rotation through impact ending with a high balanced finish.

It all sounds great, so it is time to test out the Precision Impact training aid. I took the Precision Impact to my golf buddy’s house and tried it using a Sky Trak swing monitor to see swing speed and other important numbers comparing before and after results. Our first test was with a 7 iron. My swing speed went up by about 3 miles per hour using the Precision Impact and my dispersion was cut by 30%. We ended up hitting about 30 shots without the Precision Impact and then another 30 shots with the Precision Impact on. Our next test was with the Driver, I left my golf buddy test it here as his swing speed is about 20 miles per hour faster than mine, so it is harder for him to gain extra distance.

He hot about 20 drives without the Precision Impact on and then 20 drives with it on. He gained 2 miles per hour of swing speed and his dispersion was cut by 10%. Overall a success for both of us!

The Precision Impact website also offers instructional videos for the Precision Impact on how to get started and how to use it properly. It is a great training aid that can definitely help your game from tee to green. 


Author: Marc Heyman - www.NicheGolf.com