Precision Impact

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This training aid is lightweight and easy to set up and use for all clubs in your bag. 

For RH Golfers Only. Left Handed edition coming soon! 

Precision Impact literally forces the ideal club head position at impact. It will also accelerate the learning process for the entire swing, helping with:

  • Proper wrist set (audible feedback)

  • Correct backswing rotation

  • Proper top of swing position

  • Club head lag (Critical)

  • Aggressive rotation through impact

  • High, balanced finish

Precision Impact by Pure Swing Products™ works for every swing – including putting…..Whether hitting driver, pitching, or chipping the club head has to lag behind the hands – creating crisp, flawless contact with the ball. Precision Impact forces that same perfect hand position or every type of shot.

Customer Reviews

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Tim Demakis
Glad I bought it...

Good product... like it... keeps my hands from closing and forcing shots left... feel like I can work it left to right now-- something I simply could not do! Very glad I got it. Chipping with it takes a bit of getting used to but works also...

Larry Bockstael
Perfect for people like me

Best golf aid I’ve ever used for teaching proper hinge position throughout the entire golf swing. Takes a while to get the feel for it. Make sure finger loops are pushed all the way to your hand.

A Lussier
It's starting to help

I couldn't get it to click, but today it started to click. I will have to practice a bit more to get its full effect and benefit

Precision impact

Received the package on time. Good gadget. I have never hit the ball so straight

MJ Dorney
Total Game Changer

For a few years, my full swing and pitching were terrible due to an overactive right hand at the start of my downswing. The Precision Impact forces me to keep the right quiet when I begin my downswing and forces me to clear my hips to get my power. In just 2 weeks with the Precision Impact, I am not topping irons anymore and I am hitting more fairways and greens. Golf is becoming more enjoyable again. I have bought dozens of training aids in the last 30 years. This is the best one yet!


What I like about the Precision Impact is that it's very intuitive.  It attaches easily and when you're using it, it resets easily.  It's not a device that takes a lot of manipulation and time to reset every time you swing.  It gives you a lot of great feedback.  I saw a consistent impact and delivery when I was using the Precision Impact.

Tom K. | 12 Handicap

Even in the short amount of time I've been using the Precision Impact, I am already starting to see results in my short game and my long irons.  It's allowing to get my arms in position as I come through the ball and it's allowing me to improve my consistency and my accuracy.

Bill M. | 22 Handicap

I've gotten much better at hitting chip shots and getting more accuracy and the distance I want.  This has really helped to keep the club moving forward.

Larry B. | 13 Handicap

This device helps me feel that impact position and the proper setting of the wrists at the top.  It holds me into the proper position instead of allowing me to flip it or cast  it as I have in the past.  It's a great product...I would highly recommend it.

David B. | 12 Handicap