About Us

As the inventor of the Precision Impact golf trainer, I want to personally thank you for your interest in our training products.   

The Precision Impact was designed and developed by myself and some of the most talented engineers I know in the big “D” -- Detroit, Michigan and is shipped to you directly from there. It was a ton of work and took many iterations and testing to dial it in and get it right!

Now you, our customer, can have the same great training experience that I had!

I am living proof that if you work with this incredible product and allow the feelings of your new golf swing to engrain into your muscle memory, you will experience the same staggering results that I did.  Just use it repeatedly until you no longer need it – and for periodic maintenance. 

I could tell you story after story about the ‘off-the-charts’ shots I made and low rounds I played shocking all my friends.  I was amazed at how far and solidly I hit the ball. Flying it over the green from 200 with a seven iron! I became a ‘true’ and consistent ball striker and it felt great!  

Every part of my game improved dramatically, and I know yours will too.

Thank you for considering Precision Impact in your pursuit of better golf. 

Mike Manley
Inventor | Owner 
Precision Impact